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Timber Flooring 

In the market, we commonly heard wood flooring and hardwood flooring, which is exactly made up of timber wood. There is no other best structural material than wood provided to us by nature. At woodenflooring.ae, our expert utilizes timber wood to manufacture the flooring and you will have versatility of amazing quality material themes, colors, patterns, and designs.

We do many types of flooring in our house, but timber flooring is something which makes your indoor look trendy and favorable. Do you know what timber flooring is? This flooring is the natural flooring from the lap of nature. This timber floor is made up with more than 1 layer of wood.  Timber flooring can be made with up to 11 layers of wood. Usually you find 3 layers and multilayer above 5 layers but at woodenflooring.ae provide you according to your need. This type of flooring can be divided into 3 parts: top, Core and Bottom, Wood flooring can be categorized in Unfinished and Prefinished categories. 

At woodenflooring.ae, we proffer you the types of timber flooring. Each has its own features and benefits.

  • Softwood timber flooring – Softwoods timber flooring grows much more rapidly than wood flooring. This flooring is a more affordable option than others. Softwoods originate from evergreen. These trees do not typically shed. This softwood flooring is widely used in the construction of homes, cabins and furniture. Pine, spruce, cedar, larch and fir are the common softwood. This timber flooring tends to be less dense than hardwoods and are less hardwearing.
  • Hardwood timber flooring – This timber flooring comes from deciduous trees that shed their leaves each autumn, include, the likes of mahogany, teak, walnut, oak, ash, birch and maple. This type of flooring is more expensive than other flooring because there is economics of supply and demand. The trees of hardwood take decades to grow. Furthermore, this is solid and ideal to use in timber flooring because they will stand up to the harsh wear and tear, and will last a lifetime in most instances. More than these, hardwoods are more durable and long-lasting than other flooring 
  • Engineered wood timber flooring – When we talk about engineered wood timber flooring is also the best option to invest for your interior. Bonding a number of layers of ply or high-density fiber board to manufacture this timber flooring. This is the great option, and works best for your project because of the following features : anti-slippery, antibacterial, moisture resistant, humidity and temperature fluctuations. 

About Us?

We are the best timber floor dealer. We measured your flooring in Unique and trendy designs. This could be the best option over tiles, concrete and plywood. We provide the opportunity to take benefits after installing the timber flooring. These are as follow,

Quote us at woodenflooring.ae for the consultant and we can visit at your place to show you the samples, share ideas and take measurements. We also provide doorstep delivery and installation services that are easy and maintainable. 


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