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Resin Flooring


Resin Flooring is an essential part of the interiors of any space to protect the concrete surface underneath. Resin flooring is a versatile option that fits any place, home, or office. The multitude of their properties makes them one of the most desired coatings. We offer top-quality floorings at the best prices, with customer satisfaction as their prime motive. Read More

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What are Resin Flooring and their types?

Resins are sticky, organic substances naturally produced by plants and trees or synthesized through chemical reactions. They are highly viscous fluids that form a protective layer over injured parts of trees, for example, rubber. These materials can be polymerized, converting them into materials of desired properties as required for many purposes, like flooring. There are three types of resin flooring: Poly Methyl Methacrylate (PMMA), PolyUrethane (PU), and epoxy.

  • PMMA 

Also known as acrylic glass, PMMA belongs to the thermoplastic resins commonly used in products such as plexiglass. Its distinguishable property is fast application and short curing time. So, you can have it installed and cured over a weekend. For industrial workspace, it provides a solution with minimal downtime for production activities.

Another best quality of PMMA resin flooring is excellent upgrade potential. When you find your existing PMMA outdated, you can have it remolded and refinished without adding additional material. Its curing time, as short as one hour, allows smooth, quick, and hassle-free reinstallation.

  • Polyurethane 

PU flooring is the best for places exposed to high temperatures or direct heat. It is ideal on floors where equipment operates at high temperatures. For example, ovens in bakeries and hot trolleys in metal industries. The sturdy and compact nature withstands extreme conditions in Abu Dhabi summers while beautifying your house. 

  • Epoxy 

Epoxy, the most widely used resin for flooring, is a mixture of epoxide adhesive, polyamine hardener, and other additives. The ability of its ingredients to blend well allows the formulation of different colors, shapes, thicknesses, designs, and textures. Wooden floorings’ epoxy resin flooring comprises a unique composition that renders them high strength to withstand heavy objects.

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Features of Resin Flooring

  • Chemically inert 

Resin polymers resist chemicals such as oils, acids, and dyes. Even prolonged exposure to these agents does not affect them. Their high density and strong chemical bonds between the constituents do not allow them to interact with other chemicals. 

  • Heat resistance

Low-quality synthetic materials, over a hard surface, bulge out on applying heat. Resin floorings from Wooden flooring withstand high temperatures and retain their adhesive ability for a long time. 

During summers, regions like Abu Dhabi witness extreme conditions. The floorings at home remain stable while adding aesthetic value to your feet. 

  • Slip-proof 

Resin floorings are usually slippery as they are glassy. However, we add anti-slippery aggregates that create friction with feet at points. Even on stepping water or oil spilled over the floorings, the resins offer the necessary opposing force to slip. 

  • Strength 

The high tensile strength of resins prevents impacts from reaching the concrete surface and bears substantial weight. Their compact and cohesive nature of constituents makes it hard to crack open them. 

Of all the types, we employ optimal levels of respective ingredients that confer floorings a balance between physical and aesthetic properties.

  • Long-lasting

Resin floorings last longer than other types as they are inert to several external factors. Their resilient nature allows retaining their original forms opposite to minute changes. 

Why choose us?

  • Quality consciousness 

Our motto is to deliver high-quality flooring solutions that suit your home or workplace. You can compare the quality of our products with other providers and get back to us. 

  • Interior Expertise 

Our team of talented professionals has years of experience in the engineering and design aspects of flooring. As you approach us with your requirements, our experts analyze all available flooring solutions and assist you with the perfect one. You can also have the designs customized.

  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction

From the moment you step at us, we will navigate you through our products and services in a hospitable environment. Our friendly teams listen to all your needs and provide all the information and specifications of all available solutions. You are welcome to any queries and choose the best flooring for your space. 

For more details about resin flooring options available with us, visit our website. You can contact us at the numbers available on the page or mail us at info@woodenflooring.ae.