Premium Quality Gym Flooring

The kind of flooring you select for your gym area is as important as the gym exercise equipment itself. You would want to create a solid foundation for every workout session, which is determined by the kind of flooring you choose. When it comes to gym flooring, you want something that can impact your routine and be durable enough. Gym flooring not just cushions your body when you work out; it also protects your existing flooring from gouges and scratches.

Gym flooring can be several types, such as foam, rubber, plastic, carpet, cork, or vinyl. We can help you choose the one that is just right for your requirement depending on your exercises, the kind of equipment you regularly use, whether it is a home gym or commercial purposes, or you want a simple installation or a permanent one.

Typically, gym floors are made up of concrete or screw-fixed plywood, which has an EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber layer. The EPDM rubber consists of a chain of large interlocking tiles. EPDM is known for good shock absorption impact resistance and helps in reducing vibration and sound. Most gyms use EPDM tiles across the floor in varying thicknesses. There are a few other types of gym flooring too:

  • Foam – People mostly install foam floors for pilates, yoga, and HIIT. It is made with polyurethane, which is softer than rubber and has a bounce underfoot.
  • Running tracks – These are often made of vulcanized rubber having two layers; one rigid and one soft. The tough rubber is at the top to provide a stable base to the foot, and the soft layer lies beneath it to help absorb shocks and enhance energy returns.
  • Carpet – If you have a home gym that doubles as a living room, carpet flooring is the best idea. The carpet is capable of enduring impacts and also provides cushioning for joints. 
Gym Flooring
  • Sled lanes and tracks – Most often, sled lanes are made from needle-punched polypropylene. It looks like felt and is rough to touch, and the fiber forms a smooth top layer to slide against the sled. For plyometric exercise, sled material is combined with a shock pad.
  • Vinyl – Hardwood floors are prone to scratches and dents; hence vinyl floors are a better option for gym floors. Vinyl flooring has a denser core which does not dent easily by heavy machines and free weights. Vinyl is waterproof and has a built-in underlayment providing cushioning.




Key Benefits of Gym Flooring

Gym Flooring

Whenever you plan to create a gym space, protecting the floor underneath and your body against injuries should be one of the important things to consider. This is where gym floors come in with their undeniable benefits.

  • Protects against injury

This is one of the biggest benefits of gym floors. Uneven carpets or slipper floors are often the cause of injuries to people exercising in a gym. With high-quality gym flooring, you can ensure slip traction and provide a soft surface. Heavy equipment can not slide out of place and cause injuries with a good gym floor.

  • Absorbs impact and sound 

Heavyweight training can create loud noise, which gym flooring can absorb so that there is no disturbance. If anyone drops a heavyweight on the floor, gym floors absorb impact from heavyweights and do not bounce back the weight to cause injuries.

  • Improves performance

How intensely you do your workout determines your performance. With proper gym flooring, you get an optimal surface for an intense workout. This improves traction as people can push their limits without worrying about injuries.

  • Gives stylish look

A welcoming floor sets the mood for the right workout session. Stylishly designed gym floors can uplift mood and energize the gym members to work out effortlessly.

Wooden flooring has a vast range of all types of gym flooring. If you are confused about which type of flooring would suit your needs, our representatives will assist you in choosing the perfect one. We make it convenient for our clients by visiting their place for showing samples, sharing ideas, and measuring their space. With our doorstep delivery and installation services, you will not have to go elsewhere for completing your chic gym floor.

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