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Vinyl flooring is the best option for your flooring needs. There are three types of vinyl available: sheets, tiles, and planks. Vinyl rolls are the thinnest type of vinyl flooring, making it the lightest and most manageable. Additionally, it’s the cheapest. As it comes in huge sheets, the entire area may be waterproof. It is, therefore, a fantastic option for bathrooms. However, it will highlight any flaws in your subfloor. Conversely, vinyl tiles are thicker and created as individual tiles. They frequently have ceramic or stone-like patterns printed on them. Strips of vinyl plank flooring are also available. Typically, it is printed with the grain going in the direction of the plank so that it appears to be made of wood. Most planks employ a tongue and groove method to facilitate installation. 

Vinyl flooring advantages

Numerous benefits of vinyl flooring make it a popular option for increasing numbers of homeowners. Vinyl has a lot of advantages for your home, from its low price to its numerous design options.

  • Design

Vinyl flooring is incredibly adaptable and offers a wide range of hues and designs. Due to the realistic images that replicate wood and stone, more and more homeowners can choose vinyl patterns and designs that suit their individual design preferences.

Vinyl Flooring
  • Durability

The remarkable durability of vinyl flooring may be its greatest advantage. Vinyl is an excellent option for even the most demanding family living, whether you have pets or children, as it can withstand heavy foot traffic and helps to reduce noise. In addition, vinyl offers a level of foot comfort that is not usually present with other, sterner floor coverings like hardwood and tile. 

  • Cleaning

Dust, hair, and even grime can be removed from your vinyl floor by vacuuming or using a dry mop. After that, you’re prepared to use a wet mop and cleaning solution. Our friendly design experts will help you identify the best for your floors. 





What varieties of vinyl flooring are there?

Vinyl Flooring

Some of the most well-liked advantages of vinyl are its water resistance, durability, and simplicity of installation and upkeep. However, vinyl’s appeal today is also a result of the expanding selection of design, pattern, and texture possibilities available, as well as its capacity to nearly precisely mimic the appearance of natural materials like stone and hardwood.

There are many design styles for both LVT and vinyl rolls. However, one of the main distinctions is that a vinyl roll gives an almost infinite variety of design and color options. On the other hand, LVT provides a wide range of shapes and styles primarily focused on recapturing the appearance and feel of natural materials like wood and stone.

Our brand has won the hearts of both the young and the elderly. We revitalized peoples’ bedrooms, kitchens, baths, living spaces, etc., with distinctive designs. Today, you have a variety of long-lasting laminate, vinyl, and wood flooring options to pick from, all of which come with matching skirting boards and finishing profiles. We are known for our exquisite designs, waterproof floors, and simple installation processes, all made possible by several ground-breaking inventions. Our products are less expensive, simpler to maintain, and beautiful. While upholding our dedication to sustainability, we employ recycled materials and create durable products.

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