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SPC flooring is a tremendous supply of advanced technology. SPC braces for ‘’Stone Polymer composite’’ or ‘’Stone Plastic Composite’’.  Ground stone is utilized for this kind of flooring. Most precisely, limestone is utilized which is an organic mixture. 50 to 60 percent of the flooring range is put up with this organic variety. The polymer or plastic is in existence PVC polyvinyl chloride.  This significance is eco-friendly, renewable and powerful and flooring includes only a tiny amount of this substance. We provide high quality products at the comfort of your doorstep.

Characteristics of SPC flooring 

  • SPC flooring is 100 percent waterproof.  This indicates that it is encouraging for kitchens and bathrooms as it can withstand soaking. Moreover, the extraordinary rate of core content makes it safeguarded to wear. That’s why it is utilized in commercial climates and places which experience a lot of exchange. SPC flooring is highly lasting. Some people assume SPC flooring’s ancestor to be wood plastic composite (WPC) but, in truth, the body fabrics for both of them are unusual. 


  • SPC flooring has tremendous thickness (1.98-2.05g/cm3) which is similar to a chunk of tile (2.0-2.3g/cm3).
  • SPC flooring’s manufacturing technology has advanced through a lot of improvement and it has developed to be much more dependable as an architectural significance. SPC flooring is the top-tier flooring substance in the market. The rods used in this kind of flooring are thin but they are highly durable and have tremendous obstruction.
  • SPC flooring is made of diverse limestone and PVC- based sheen.  The strength and pictorial allure is allotted by both the flooring’s significance and composition.  Limestone is an inorganic assortment found in biological stones like granite, calcite and marble.The stone significance does not widen, dwindle or absorb up water. It is completely impenetrable.  SPC flooring’s sturdiness and hardness are practical tips of antagonism to draping.  The wear layering of SPC flooring is scratch resistant, anti-slip, and impact resistant.
  • We provide SPC flooring that does not emit radioactive fabrics or formaldehyde. It is an eco-friendly substance.
  • SPC flooring is honored to be safeguarded against bacterial development and staining. The wax body substance is protected from hydrolysis as it is non-hydrophilic. 
  • We furnish you with free installation services. SPC flooring is very easy to establish because the gleams are developed with interlocking canals and no glues or nails are needed. It can be installed over any hard texture, without the essential of any extra practice.



  • It is very easy to slice SPC shafts to any size. A utility blade is all you need for dicing SPC.  The rod will effortlessly crack into two pieces with just a scrape line. SPC flooring is formulated to emulate the look of raw wood. If longevity, stability and ease of facility are substantial to you then SPC flooring is a substantial appreciation provided by us.

Why choose us  for SPC flooring?

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