Things To Consider While Choosing Epoxy Garage Flooring

Stains, cracks, and chips on the surface of your garage floorings are not a decent sight to walk into. Your garage is the home to your automobile buddies. You don’t want to be one of those people who save up for their cars for years and drop them in a below-average-looking garage at the end of the day. No, your car deserves better than that. Epoxy garage flooring on a wooden floor from Abu Dhabi Furniture is the key solution to all your problems.

Even if you use your garage as a storage unit, it doesn’t have to give the vibes of a forgotten place. It is no less an integral part of your home than your kitchen or living room is. It is time your garage floor deserves the equal attention, care, and flair of style with epoxy garage floorings as the rest of your space does. 

Picking the right garage floor can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. Keep reading to get out from the other end of this dilemma tunnel. Read More


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What makes epoxy garage flooring a great choice?

  • Quick to install

Unlike other floorings, epoxy garage flooring from Abu Dhabi Furniture offers time-friendly installation. You won’t be required to stay home for more than a couple of days to wait until the flooring is installed. Moreover, the team of professionals who can take over the installation process should still determine this.

  • Saves you money

While epoxy garage flooring on top of wooden flooring may seem expensive at first glance, a closer look at it will prove that you couldn’t be farther from the truth. The maintenance costs that this flooring saves up on not only compensate for the pricing but also save future expenses. In context with vehicle repairs, installation, cleaning, and lighting, epoxy garage flooring is a huge bonus in the long run.

  • Aesthetic appeal

Due to its classic appearance, epoxy garage flooring ranks as the top choice for many homeowners. Although garages do not need to go all out on decors, a great way to add aesthetic value is to install epoxy garage flooring on wooden floors. Moreover, its benefits go beyond its looks. Its anti-scratch surface enables epoxy flooring to withstand stains, scratches, and cracks. This gives an eternal-like quality to stand the test of time.


Your wooden flooring should meet this checklist

  • Color and texture

Say goodbye to the days when garages were stuck with old-fashioned, bleak gray floorings. It is time to jazz up your wooden flooring with epoxy garage flooring. There is an elaborate scheme of colors and textures you can choose from to coat your wooden floorings. Whatever color and texture you go with, ensure that it can tune in with the existing ambiance of your garage.

If you want to go with a universally appealing texture, you can play it safe with pale beige, gray, or white undertones to blend in easily.

  • External impact

When it comes to garages, the formula for easy maintenance flooring is to coat your wooden flooring with a layer of epoxy garage flooring. The multi-layer facility protects the base from high impact. Moreover, it can also offer a long lifetime. 

The epoxy garage flooring from Abu Dhabi Furniture is made of organic chemicals and materials that do not release toxins. For guidance, you can consult the team of experts to confirm that this flooring is water, oil, and chemical spillage resistant. 

  • Free of abrasion

Be it vehicles or stored inside your garage, you need flooring that can endure heavy loads. It is good that epoxy garage floorings comes with reliable durability and load-bearing capacity to withstand the loads. 

The surface of epoxy garage floorings on wooden flooring is more forgiving than the other types. Thus, the wear and tear of the floor will be in control despite vehicles rolling in and out. This also means that its maintenance goes easy on your bank account.

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Why choose Abu Dhabi Furniture?

At Abu Dhabi Furniture, we offer top-quality wooden flooring at highly reasonable rates. Our years of experience have made us a leading merchant in Dubai. From simple wooden surfaces to intricate designs, we have got it all covered.

Let our professionals install epoxy garage flooring in your space to ensure it is done correctly. We guide our customers every step of the way, from picking the flooring you’re looking for right up to installation. Check out our wooden flooring, among other furniture options, to get the best deals today.