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Terrazzo Tiles


Terrazzo Tiles is a composite material used for walls and floors. It is precast with marble, quartz, granite, glass, and other materials, as well as a binder. It is cured, ground, and polished smooth after it has been set to construct a uniform yet textured surface.

Terrazzo tile was employed in mosaics in ancient Egypt. However, around the 15th century, marble scraps mixed with concrete began to be used in Venice. One of the most well-known examples of Terrazzo is the Hollywood Walk of Fame, built in 1958 and features terrazzo stars embedded in the sidewalks. Each terrazzo star bears the name of a Hollywood success story.

Simply put, terrazzo tiles are used for walls and floors made of marble, quartz, granite, glass, and other similar elements. It has a beautiful appearance and a lavish feel that instantly transforms the look of a space. In recent years, it has become popular in home design as a more appealing alternative to marble or granite. Read More

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What are the features of Terrazzo tiles?

  • Variety of patterns with customization 

Terrazzo floors can be produced from tiles or poured on site, and the selection of colors and the exact floor shape and design can be customized to fulfill even the most demanding architect or homeowner. Since each Terrazzo title is unique, there is no need to be concerned about another Terrazzo floor searching the same as yours, and we have a variety of Terrazzo flooring tile designs available.

  • Simple to maintain

Corridor cleanliness, safety, and indoor air quality are critical. The non-porous surface of terrazzo resists microbes and moisture buildup, which is crucial for a mold-free, healthy environment. Since it is seamless, maintenance is as simple as sweeping, damp mopping, and machine cleaning.

  • Sturdy and durable

Durable Terrazzo shines in high-traffic areas where sturdiness, longevity, and low maintenance are essential. A terrazzo floor could never need to be replaced if properly maintained.

  • Adaptable

Terrazzo tile is adaptable. It can create a beautiful patio or pool deck, a clean, elegant, and long-lasting indoor floor, and a perfect floor for malls, offices, building lobbies, landings, and steps due to its ability to withstand heavy foot traffic. 

  • Supports health

Terrazzo tile is healthy because it is made primarily of stone and is resistant to bacteria. Warm water and a little soap will keep it looking great for years without potentially hazardous chemicals.

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What are the different kinds of Terrazzo tiles?

  • Bonded Terrazzo 

This system is built with a half-inch cement matrix topping. The concrete slab is held together by a sand and cement underbed. On top, terrazzo is poured. The concrete slab must be depressed 1.75 inches.

  • Sand Cushion Terrazzo 

This system is built with a half-inch cement matrix topping. It comprises sand dusting, an isolation membrane, wire reinforcement, and an underbed. A 2.5 or 3-inch depressed surface is required.

  • Monolithic

This system is built with a half-inch cement matrix topping. It is only made up of the bonding material and the terrazzo topping.


Why should you go for Wooden flooring in Dubai?

Regarding terrazzo tiles, we can supply you with various options and designs based on your specifications for the desired area. Our service options are not limited to your home; we have a diverse retail clientele, including hospitals, factories, and schools.

Wooden flooring in Dubai offers terrazzo tiles, one of the most cost-effective types. It is also one of the most durable, which means it will not need to be replaced as frequently as other materials. Terrazzo tiles, unlike other types of flooring, are easy to clean and maintain. It’s stain and spill-resistant, so you won’t spend hours scrubbing or polishing it. We provide various terrazzo tile options that are durable and long-lasting. Based on the specifications provided by the customers, each terrazzo tile exhibition we recommend is unique.



As a homeowner, you choose to set up the most sturdy and elegant material in your household. This decision frequently involves a compromise. Some people prefer a material that looks great but isn’t too durable, whereas others opt to invest in something that will last for years. Get in touch with Wooden Flooring and elevate your place’s interior effortlessly.