Terrazzo Flooring From Wooden Flooring Dubai

Terrazzo flooring is the revival of ancient eras. The flooring has marble chips, color flakes, and a mottled appearance. A composite material used for floors and walls is called terrazzo, which translates from Italian to terrace. Cement terrazzo flooring, popular in residential and commercial structures, combines design and toughness. Stone, glass, marble, and granite are material shards that make up cementitious terrazzo. A binder is used to organize the materials.

Terrazzo Flooring

How Does Terrazzo Flooring Work?

Marble, granite, quartz, glass, and other aggregate materials are used to make terrazzo flooring, and a binder like epoxy or cement to create a composite. The material is polished to a high sheen after being dried and smoothed out during grinding. The color and aggregate used might affect how the terrazzo looks. It comprises three layers:

  • A base of concrete
  • A layer of concrete filled with sand
  • The top layer of a marble chip mix

Benefits Of Terrazzo Flooring From Wooden Dubai Flooring 

Today, terrazzo is a top choice for many construction projects. Terrazzo can be engineered as wall panels or steps that mix well with schools, hospitals, restaurants, and other commercial facilities, in addition to being an all-purpose flooring material. Terrazzo can be installed using several different techniques. We have compiled some major benefits of installing terrazzo for those considering terrazzo’s potential.

  • Welcome to the Sustainable Home 

Do you enjoy green buildings? Use of our terrazzo flooring is advised. Broken glass and porcelain act as the terrazzo tiles’ base material. The procedure entails changing these waste items into something aesthetically beautiful.

  • One-time investment

Because of its durability, Terrazzo flooring produces serene and timeless environments, in contrast to many expensive and brilliant materials where experiences and memories rarely endure. Terrazzo may be easily molded into panels for distinctive worktops, backsplashes, staircases, and even bathtubs and sinks in bathrooms.

  • Extremely Customizable

You can use any colors and chip sizes on a terrazzo floor. If you want to use flooring alone to have a large impact and add aesthetic interest to your area, this option offers a lot of flexibility. Terrazzo tiles can either be poured on-site or set in tile. The seamless flooring installation makes it feel smooth and without joints.

  • A Long Shelf Life

Durability is the main argument in favor of using terrazzo in high-traffic areas. It withstands deterioration and the test of time. It does not require frequent polishing or replacement. 

  • Little Upkeep Needed

Terrazzo flooring does not need much shining or polishing; it just needs a simple sweep and mop. It is a wise investment because it does not need a regular maintenance routine.

  • Optional Installations

Your terrazzo flooring will perform better thanks to various installation options. Lightweight and resistant to cracking, the thin set. Sand makes for strong cushions. It can be poured directly onto a concrete subfloor and erected as a single unit. On the other hand, terrazzo tiles offer more precise control over the appearance and polish.

Give Your Home A Makeover With Our Gorgeous Terrazzo Floorings!

Tiles made of terrazzo are not simply for floors. They can be mounted on any surface because they are so adaptable. Both inside your house and on the floor, terrazzo tiles are stunning. It works well for vanity work surfaces, poufs, headboards, and lampshades. You could even use them as your kitchen backsplash for a retro-style look. Use a small pattern to introduce new colors and patterns to your floor. It is a quick and easy way to make your home’s decor more lively! Why Choose Terrazzo Flooring From Flooring Dubai.

Terrazzo Flooring

Why Choose Terrazzo Flooring From Wooden Dubai Floorings?

You must choose a professional team when installing terrazzo flooring at your home or business. It is unquestionably not a DIY project. The installation process impacts whether it will not break or wear out too quickly. So, it is a good idea to speak with experts. At Dubai Flooring, our knowledgeable staff of installers can put in whatever type of flooring you want.

We take satisfaction in upholding the legacy of terrazzo tiles by applying our knowledge, expertise, tried-and-true techniques, and formal quality procedures. We strive to deliver our clients the most dependable and technically sound products. Call us right away!