Epoxy Floor Coating


Keep your floors durable with an Epoxy Floor Coating


Epoxy Floor Coating There aren’t many flooring solutions that are as adaptable, affordable, and individualized as epoxy floors. Due to its simplicity and durability, epoxy flooring was popular among businesses. Discover some benefits of choosing epoxy for your home or any industrial flooring.


Epoxy Floor Coating advantages

Epoxy flooring is ideal for floors that must tolerate severe temperatures, foot and machine traffic, chemicals, oil, and other fluids without peeling or corroding during years of continuous usage. Epoxy flooring is ideal for several sectors, including food processing, electronics, pharmaceuticals, meat & poultry, distilleries, dairy, industrial, and manufacturing operations.

  • A flawless, cleanable surface

There are no seams, joints, or ridges, unlike tile or other forms of flooring in epoxy as it is poured. Because there are no longer gaps and crevices for dirt and germs to hide in during cleanings, epoxy is a more hygienic flooring solution. For food processing industries or medical facilities, an anti-microbial additive may raise the standard of cleanliness. Additionally, because of its smooth surface, forklifts and hospital gurneys may move over without bumps in the floor seam disturbing them.

  • Water and stain resistant

Epoxy flooring resists stains and moisture effectively. Epoxy flooring does not warp or water stain as a consequence of water damage, unlike wood, laminate, or other forms of flooring. When spills occur, which is unavoidable, cleanup is simple, and stains are uncommon.

  • Durability

Epoxy is the hardest flooring material available. The chemical combinations furnish impact-resistant flooring that can resist shock, heat, and heavy 

devices without cracking or breakdown. For usage in chemical industries, the flooring is also strong enough to resist chemical spills.

  • Appearance

Epoxy flooring has a smooth, polished, and seamless look, making it a desirable alternative for various structures. Epoxy flooring comes in various lovely hues ideal for hotel lobbies or sports stadiums.

  • Cost efficiency

Epoxy flooring also has the advantage of being very cost-effective. The price per square foot is substantially lower than other flooring forms. The real appeal is that it takes little care and won’t need to be replaced for many years.

  • Strength

Most epoxy floors are more than three times stronger than concrete, typically having a flexural strength value of less than 3,000 psi. Epoxy flooring is designed to endure powerful equipment, a lot of foot activity, and very hot temperatures, such as those present during food preparation. Epoxy flooring is the strongest material there is!

  • Safety

Safety should be every company’s first concern. Epoxy flooring may add an anti-slip coating, eliminating the risk of slips and injuries. This is a great safety precaution for areas with plenty of foot or machine activity. Epoxy flooring also has a high level of visibility and no unnoticed lumps or fissures that might be dangerous.

  • Eco-friendly

Epoxy flooring poses no threat to the environment in terms of erosion or environmental pollution. Furthermore, the installation generates less trash than other flooring kinds. There is no need for strong cleaning agents since it is not porous. All of these elements combine to make epoxy flooring a green choice.

  • Simple to maintain

One of the simplest kinds of floors to maintain is epoxy flooring. It is non-porous, doesn’t chip or break, and will endure for years.


Things to consider before purchasing Epoxy Floor Coating

Even though selecting epoxy flooring has several benefits, it’s wise to bear these factors.

  • Drying takes days

Epoxy floors may need more time to dry than other flooring kinds. Epoxies that cure more quickly than the customary 24-72 hours are available, allowing for a prompt return to duty. Before utilizing a floor, it is important to give it enough time to cure.

  • Need for underflooring

You will first need to put a floor below if you’re using epoxy flooring. Underflooring may be made of concrete, cement, steel, or wood. 

  • Needs specialized cleansers

Epoxy flooring may become murky and discolored when cleaned using soap-based solutions. Use a cleaner designed particularly for epoxy flooring to prevent this haze. Additionally, you may use ammonia and water.


For your needs, buy Epoxy Flooring from Wooden Flooring 

Epoxy flooring is a fantastic alternative for a wide range of building types. It is reasonably priced, strong, and adaptable. Because epoxy floors often last years, you won’t need to worry about redoing your flooring. Epoxy flooring suits the commercial requirements of healthcare, manufacturing, food and agricultural, automotive, and many more sectors with additives like anti-slip and anti-microbial. The epoxy floor installed by Wooden Flooring for your commercial, industrial, or food processing firm will be the ideal fit for you.


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