Premium Collection of Parquet Flooring in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Parquet flooring can contribute to an aesthetically pleasing, vibrant, and original feel to your home. The word “parquet” derives from the French word “parqueterie”, dating back to the 1600s. Nowadays, parquet flooring is primarily made of oak, walnut, maple, cherry, and even some mahogany or exotic hardwoods. Based on our years of experience in the industry and thorough understanding of the market, we offer a wide range of Parquet Flooring solutions. Our company installs attractive patterns and designs for parquet flooring that were created to allow the natural grain patterns of the wood to come through.

Parquet Flooring

In parquet flooring, small slats of wood are arranged in distinct, repeating patterns. In contrast to traditional parquet floors, which are laid one piece at a time, most modern parquet floors are installed as tiles on a backing material. In order to install parquet tile flooring, the tiles must be glued, nailed, or stapled to the subfloor. Due to the fact that parquet strips are hardwood, parquet flooring offers similar looks and performance to solid hardwood strips.





Key Benefits of Parquet Flooring

Wooden Flooring
  • Stable

Compared to traditional wood flooring, parquet flooring is more stable. It is because it is constructed of three layers of woodcut at 90-degree angles to reduce movement. There’s a wear layer at the top of the flooring. Furthermore, it’s carefully selected in order to provide maximum durability over time. Under the wear layer, various layers absorb impact to ensure increased stability.

  • Appealing Appearance

There are a variety of different ways you can switch up the look of parquet flooring to match your lifestyle, taste, or look. In fact, it is possible to choose a pattern from the pieces of wood that appeal to you and will bring your room together.

  • Non-allergic

Parquet flooring doesn’t allow dust, dirt, and allergens to settle, unlike carpets and rugs. Furthermore, it is an excellent choice for families with young children, who are at risk of becoming allergic to certain foods and people with allergies.

  • Easy to Clean

The most suitable choice when it comes to maintaining a clean floor is parquet. Furthermore, mopping and sweeping are the most effective methods for maintaining that floor. Whenever there is a spill, wipe it up immediately. It is as simple as that. In addition to being stain-resistant, parquet does not absorb odors easily.

  • Unique

Parquet flooring can be a great option if you are interested in something truly unique. As each tile is individually crafted, materials are combined and then cut before installation. In addition, parquet flooring allows you to create a unique design by customizing its patterns, materials, grains, and colors.

As a result of our dedication and specialization in quality, our clients highly appreciate our parquet flooring services. We blend colors and designs in our parquet flooring range to create a mesmerizing environment. Our company offers personalized customer care and provides tailor-made designs based on the needs of our customers. We recommend keeping your parquet floors clean and well-sealed so they can last for decades.

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