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Home Vinyl Flooring 

Want to redefine your space with our flooring? At woodenflooring.ae, we have top-tier specialists and designers who manufacture the best vinyl flooring for your home. Our home vinyl flooring is the best option if you are constructing your home and looking for the best flooring. This flooring will respond to you as a long investment in future because we made it durable and reliable which will last for a lifetime.

From other flooring types, this flooring is something new and trendy for your home to make it appealing and inviting. With the best product, you will have the best service at woodenflooring.ae. If you are confused in making a selection, you will get the complete home vinyl flooring buying guide, so you choose flooring by our representative help according to your taste and requirements

Types of Home Vinyl Flooring 

Let’s come to the type of vinyl flooring at woodenflooring.ae, we have for your home

We know, you must have a particular demand whenever you want to redefine the space of your home. We are here to serve your home with home vinyl flooring. Our flooring gives a new and trendy look to your property. We have a fabulous range of home vinyl flooring. The best thing about our flooring is that they are water and moisture resistant. Our vinyl flooring does not need any maintenance in case of water spilling or moisture because of humidity. The types include: 

  1. sheet vinyl,
  2. vinyl tiles,
  3. vinyl planks

Sheet vinyl 

  • If you select home vinyl flooring by woodenflooring.ae in sheet, it offers a brilliantly distinctive range of looks to choose from. 
  • This vinyl sheet is often used as an alternative to natural stone, ceramic tile or hardwood, in spaces that are quite susceptible to moisture. 
  • The sheets come in a single roll. 
  • They offer less exposable seems that is why they are popular for being used for high moisture areas. 
  • Not all floor options are easy to clean but home vinyl flooring sheets. 
  • They are easy to install, but keep in mind that your floor should be completely flat and dry.
  • Vinyl sheet price is pretty reasonable. The vinyl sheet price depends upon the quality of the flooring.
  • The Vinyl flooring sheet does not get cold in water. They are more comfortable to walk on and a complete quiet flooring option. They are more comfortable to walk on as equipped with padded under layer

Vinyl tiles 

  • These vinyl tiles for home are of a decent worth because they are durable and fewer big-tickets than ceramic tile or hardwood flooring, although they’ll produce a very similar look. For those on a budget, home flooring vinyl tiles is a sensible selection.

Vinyl planks

  • For busy households, cafes, officers and commercial applications this home vinyl flooring plank is a famous choice.
  •  This is an engineering floor covering which is especially designed to mimic the look of real wood. 

We offer you a range of economically priced home products bringing you Versatility of materials, themes, colors, patterns and designs of vinyl plank flooring prices.


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