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Factories Vinyl Flooring 

When you are looking to install some unique and quality flooring for factories. Factories vinyl flooring by woodenflooring.ae is the best option for your place. We provide flexible, durable and accessible vinyl flooring for your factories with a massive kind of colors, patterns and designs. While not the concerns that associate with other kinds of floors, you will be able to have the design of wood, tile or stone in any area in your home. Our flooring for factories allows you to have the design and feel of the many kinds of flooring, with all of the added advantages of a vinyl floor. factories vinyl flooring is thus easy to keep up by moping and using vacuum, so they do not need any maintenance.

Features of Our Factories Vinyl Flooring

Water and moisture resistant with our flooring

When we need to have water resistant flooring for your factory, our factories vinyl flooring does not need any maintenance in case of water spilling or moisture because of humidity.

Wear Resistance 

Factories vinyl flooring contains a pigmented wear layer made of pure PVC, that carries wear assurance with product coverage.

Calmness with our flooring

We provide factories vinyl floorings with the calm property. Our flooring does not make a sound when someone walks over it. If you have any sort of problem, make a contact. We are one call away from our customers. Our team members will visit your place to show you the samples, share ideas and take measurements to give you the perfect solution for your flooring. 

Performance Protection 

Factories vinyl flooring by woodenflooring.ae surface provides protection against scratches, sole marks, and rubber stains with best surface friction for factory safety.

Dimensional Stability 

A compact PVC layer with embedded non-woven covering material provides our Factories vinyl flooring superior dimensional stability.

Why Choose Us ?

Our main objective and mission are to provide our customers superlative quality at an affordable price. We are appropriate to meet our client requirements. We aim to provide our consumer outstanding and matchless design with modern colors.  We care for our customers and safely deliver and install the product on time at your doorstep. Our designer and expert also give the best suggestion to enhance the beauty of the interior. We deliver factories vinyl flooring in all the nearby areas and now in neighboring countries.

Woodenflooring.ae have well qualified staff and technicians to meet the challenge of modern-days, and they never compromise with quality. We also provide such elegant designs for factories vinyl flooring which give a good look to your factories.

Enormous range of colors, material and finishes are offered to consumers. There are more than one thousand distinct options to choose from. Our vinyl flooring for factories is easy to install. You will be asked to walk within 24 hours.

You do not experience any kind of unpleasant chemical smell, no time-consuming lacquer, or you don’t need extra days to wait for varnish to dry that had been experienced with the installation of traditional flooring. We consume planet friendly material for factories vinyl flooring. We utilize sourced and certified wood.


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