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Classic Parquet Flooring – Classic Flooring Choice

Classic parquet flooring is a timeless flooring design that homeowners turn to for a classic or traditional look. It’s a mosaic of geometric designs that form squares and triangle shapes with wood pieces. This versatile flooring solution is used all over, from the Palaces to professional basketball courts. That’s quite a range! 

classic parquet flooring are a common flooring solution for homes because it is easy to maintain, customize, and built to last. being the best classic parquet flooring suppliers in Dubai thus, brings you all the varieties.

If you are looking for something truly unique, Classic parquet flooring are a good option to consider. Each tile truly is unique, as materials are combined and then cut before instillation. You can customize the patterns, materials, grains, and coloring of Classic parquet flooring making no two rooms alike.

Because Classic parquet flooring are made of wood, it gives a feeling of warmth to the area where you install it. The geometric and angular pattern options have made it a choice in some of the grandest palaces throughout time. Because you can customize the patterns and materials, Classic parquet flooring can give your home a classic or modern look. 

Benefits of Our Classic Parquet Flooring 

  • Stable

Classic parquet flooring are more stable than traditional wood flooring. This is because it is comprised of three layers of wood to reduce movement of the wood. The top layer of Classic parquet flooring by our classic parquet flooring suppliers is the wear layer. This layer is carefully selected to ensure the most endurance over time. The layers beneath the wear layer absorb impact guaranteeing higher stability.

  • Cost

Because the lower layers of Classic parquet flooring are not visible, they can be made with more cost-efficient materials than the top layer. This helps reduce the overall cost of the flooring solution.

  • Non-allergic

Unlike carpets and rugs, which can harbor dust, dirt and allergens, Classic parquet flooring provides no place for these unwelcome guests. This is an excellent choice for families with young children, who are at risk of developing allergies, and for people with allergies.

Why Choose Us ?

We have the best supplier and dealer of Classic parquet flooring We are experts in our work and deliver the product safely on time, you never complain. We deliver durable and long-lasting, Classic parquet flooring with amazing quality in affordable prices. We also provide customization on customers demand with complete guarantee of product. We provide home-consultant who visit your home with free samples and no obligation to buy. 


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