Rubber flooring

Rubber flooring is a great way to try something different with your floor and get creative with your flooring. Traditionally rubber flooring is common in places like gyms, where its durable surface can withstand impacts from dropped weights. However, rubber flooring is becoming more popular in other areas, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and mudrooms. We are engaged in supplying top-notch quality rubber flooring backed up by our industrial experience and knowledge.

What is Rubber Flooring? 

Materials used for rubber flooring include natural and synthetic rubber as well as recycled rubber tires. This sort of flooring is considered resilient because of its characteristics of elasticity or bounce. Furthermore, the material is weather-resistant and durable and provides cushioning, which is ideal for places where people are physically active. Although rubber flooring is durable, it still has soft underfoot. For this reason, exercise rooms and playrooms are often used it.


Advantages of Rubber Flooring

Check out the main advantages of installing rubber flooring : 

  • Durability & Resiliency

A rubber floor can handle a lot of foot traffic, and it is also water-resistant, so any moisture or spills won’t damage it. These floors are so resilient and durable due to the natural elasticity of rubber. As a result, they are popular in weight rooms and gyms, because they can absorb impacts. 

  • Fire & Burn Resistant 

It is resistant to burns caused by cigarette butts and other heat sources. In the case of fire, it will not release toxic fumes into the atmosphere, as it is nontoxic.

  • Good Slip Resistance

Rubber flooring typically has a coefficient of friction far exceeding the minimum standard for slip resistance. The slip-resistant nature of rubber floors also makes them a desirable option for healthcare facilities and nursing homes. 

  • Antimicrobial & Hypoallergenic Factors

Commonly, rubber floors are naturally resistant to mold, fungus, and other allergens due to their composition. These attributes make rubber floors an ideal choice for people with asthma or allergies. 

Rubber Flooring
  • Low Maintenance

Rubber flooring is relatively easy to maintain, in contrast to what many people think. Moreover, these floors accumulate dirt, so you only need to vacuum them regularly and mop them at least once per week with water and a mild detergent. If you clean rubber floors with harsh chemicals, the rubber will be damaged. In addition, spills need to be cleaned up immediately to keep rubber floors in good condition.






Why Choose Rubber Flooring from Wooden Flooring?

Rubber Flooring

With a diverse and customizable collection available for a variety of purposes, Wooden Flooring is a trusted provider and installer of rubber flooring. Thanks to our well-qualified professionals, we are capable of providing an excellent variety of Rubber Flooring. We understand the latest market demands and are equipped with the most advanced techniques to offer our esteemed customers varied designs, colors, and textures. Besides, we take pride in being widely praised for our salient points, such as reliability and timely delivery of rubber flooring. Check out our diverse range of rubber flooring and you will definitely find something that fits your requirements and decors.

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