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Why installing carpet underlay is a good choice?

A carpet makes your floor look different and beautiful. While you are choosing carpet, more things to consider – more than the pile and colors you want. A carpet underlay is a functional and beneficial part that goes underneath the carpet.

At, you will find versatile carpets with different colors, designs, and themes. We also make customized and made-to-measure carpets with anti-fire properties. Likewise, you can buy underlay carpets from our online store with high quality and durability features at affordable rates.

Many people do not recognize the importance of carpet underlay and think of skipping it. But wait, think again! Underlay has many purposes, like keeping the home warmer and prolonging its life. Here is the list of few benefits which will prove why installing a carpet underlay is a good choice?

Soft underfoot:

Carpets can provide you softest underfoot under the feet, but when you put them directly on the solid wooden or concrete floor, then it will feel harder than you have expected. Underlay provides an extra cushion or, in other words, a soft cushion to the carpet.

It provides a level surface to the carpet as it covers lumps and bumps. If you want a soft and luxurious feel to your feet, underlay is an absolute thing.

Extra warmth:

Underlay is more than a soft and firm finish to your floors; it keeps your floor warmer. Many carpets come with a hessian back which has microscopic holes in them. The holes are present there since the weaving process. The holes allow cold air to pass and keep the floor cold.

Underlay creates a barrier between the carpet and your floor. It eliminates any chance of coldness from making its way to your room.

Saves energy bills:

When your room is warm in winters and colder in summers that means you will save a lot on energy bills. Underlay helps to save and make it energy efficient.

Reduce Noise:

Underlay carpet helps to reduce noises dramatically. When you live in a big family or with kids, there is always lots of foot noise. The underlay provides extra support to the carpet and keeps foot noise at bay. It also helps to reduce noise through the ceiling from the lower room. You can reduce sound from corridors and stairs and create a quieter and relaxing environment.

Adds to carpet life:

Carpet fibers make them look like new for a long time. With heavy foot traffic, the carpet fibers are compressed repeatedly and lose their softness. Carpet underlay provides a firm base, and when the fibers are pressed, it makes them stand up again. Eventually, it helps to keep it new for a long time.

Adds to durability:

The cushioning feature of the underlay carpet makes it extra durable. The underlay is helpful to prevent damages from inside. Therefore, your carpet will stay safe from general wear and tear and adds to its life.

Let’s wrap it up:

Carpets do not come cheap, and with the help of good quality underlay, you can add their durability and practical benefits. Call or visit for free quotes and affordable rates.


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